Once the database is deployed to an Act! server, you will be redirected to the User Setup. By default, All Act! users will be inactive. In this step you will need to change the users to active that will use the Act! database.  You can toggle a user to active by clicking the Inactive text on the row. 
If more edits are needed to a user, like updating an email address, you can click the blue icon with the pencil and this will display
an edit dialog that contains the user details.  Here you can edit and all information for the selected user.

If you Check Offline Client, ACP will create a new sync set ( all contacts) for the user and then create a new Remote database for the user. This is completely automated. If you want to customize the Sync set or name of the remote database, you should use the other options that exist once the database wizard is completed.
Click the blue Save Changes button once you have completed the edits.
The user specific screen will disappear and the changes will be saved.  Under the status ensure the user status has change to Active. 
TIP!     Its recommended that you set the user passwords at this step, if you do not set a password then a random password will be set and the user will have to set the password via email link.  For the automated Offline Clients to be created, a password must be set first.
Once you have finished editing each user, you can save and continue or stop and exit wizard.  

•    Save & Continue : The accounts will be setup and automated welcoming emails will be sent to each of the users that were marked Active.
•    Stop & Exit Wizard : ACP will not send any Automated emails to any of the users. You must make each user Active in the Manage Users area of ACP.

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