Database Dashboard Widgets

The Database Dashboard widgets are the big boxes on the main Database Dashboard. Widgets provide you with a quick summary of a database’s information.  Some of the Dashboard widgets are also navigational shortcut buttons and will navigate you to some of the most used parts of ACP.
Since, most of the widgets when clicked will take you to a more detailed page about that widget, lets explore one. The User widget is the first one on the Dashboard and is represented by a green user icon. 
This widget, when clicked, will directed you to the list of Act! User Logins specific to this database.  Here you are provided will many options and specifics about each user.  
To return to the Database Dashboard you can click your browsers back button, or you can click the Database Name next to the house icon.  If you click the house, you will be directed back to the Home Screen/ Main Dashboard. 
Now, lets examine at the each Widget in more detail.