Updating ACT! for Workgroups 10.0-10.02HF1 to 10.03

Affected ACT! Versions: 10.0 - 10.01 - 10.2 - 10.2 Hotfix 1

Steps for Updating ACT! by Sage Premium for Workgroups 2008 to version

NOTE : Some users may have already applied the inline via the ACT updater. If so and they follow these steps they will be prompted to repair or remote ACT!. In order to prevent this prompt please check what version of ACT! is currently running before following the steps below. To check the version of ACT load ACT and go to he Help menu > About ACT! and you will see the version number. If the computer has version already please skip down to step 4. If you have already upgraded the schema go to step 5.

Before you start  let the support staff at RTG know that you are upgrading your ACT! remote database to 10.3 so that the RTG support staff can make the changes that need to be made on the RTG ACT! hosting servers. Please contact the RTG support staff by emailing them at support@RTGroup.com

1. Sync your Database 2 times. While you are syncing you can start the next step.

2. Download & Save the update from our site

Do not try to update ACT! through the ACT! update as it can be problematic.

3. Once the syncs have completed, go to the menu File > Back up > Database. Use the default path, and click OK to begin the backup of your remote. It is important to backup your database before upgrading as the new version's backups are incompatible with your current version.

4. Once the download has competed, reboot your computer, after you computer has rebooted do not load ACT!, Outlook or any Office Application.

5. Run the ACT1003PremUSUpdate.exe file that you downloaded in step 2. Follow the prompts

6. After the Install is complete you will need to open ACT! and you will be prompted to upgrade your database, you want to click YES, it will also ask you prior to the upgrade to back up your database this is unnessicary as you backed up the database in step 3.

7. After you have upgraded your ACT and you can see your ACT contacts you need to update you sync server path. On the ACT! tool menu go to Tools> Synchronization Panel. Once the Synchronization Panel opens, Under the Users Task section locate the link that reads " Manage Connection Information", click it. The panel will change, You need to make sure the Connection Type is "Internet (outside firewall)", and the URL below is http://BTR10SYNC02.MYACTDB.com/AIS10 click the finish Button. Click the close button to close the Panel.

8. Download and run the DB Fixer for 10.3.

Download this file http://dl.rtgroup.com/act/2008_10/DBFixer_80090.exe, and run it against your Remote Database
If you need more information on this fix please see : KB 23406

9. Now you need to start your synchronization, Go to Tools> Synchronize > Synchronize Now and you should be finished with the update.

Clean up: After you have completed these steps, you can delete the files you downloaded in step 2 & 8 as they are no longer needed.

If you have any issues please contact support
646 419 4808

Written by Jeremy Wesley @ RTG