Affected ACT! Versions: 8.02 HF 3 -9.0a

The Error:
Server initialization failed. Sync initialization error occurred in database object PRC_SYNC_PROCESS_INITFILE: CANNOT DETERMINE ISATTACHSYNC VALUE!

RTG's Suggested Action:
This is a non recoverable error for a Remote Database. The Remote Database needs to be deleted and a new Remote Database should be cut. DO NOT RECUT the existing Remote Database, if you do the error will return with in about 2 weeks.

Once you restore the new remote to the users machine you can export the data that has changed since the last sync. See a future KB on how to do this.

There is no way to prevent this error. It randomly happens. It will continue to happen in ACT! version 8. In order to prevent future issues with this error upgrade to ACT version 9.0a (Version

Written by Jeremy Wesley @ RTG