Missing Files on Remote Databases in Sync enviroment

Affected ACT! Versions: 7.0 - 9.0a

The Error:
Users are missing files that were added by another user.

A bug was discovered in ACT! File sync that has been addressed in 9.01

RTG's Suggested Action:
You will need to manually collect from remote computers any missing files and send them to RTG. Follow these steps in order to make the process go smoothly.

Files missing from the Master ACT! Database (The ACT! server)

1.      Contact RTG at support@rtgroup.com to obtain a missing files report from the server.

2.      Download ACTwiz’s Missing Files Finder from www.ACTwiz.com

3.      Follow the instructions on the www.ACTwiz.com site and inside the application.

4.      Once you have all of the missing files from all remote computers together in 1 place, zip them and ask RTG for a ShuttleFile.com link so you can upload the newly created zip file.

5.      RTG will place the missing files and they should sync to each remote over the next few sync. The more missing files the longer it will take for all remotes to get all the files.

You can check remotes for missing files by running ACTDIAG and requesting the missing files report. You can send this report to RTG support and they will send you the files that you are missing that can be located on the ACT! server. It is best if the files can sync down to the ACT! remotes but in some cases the amount of files may be too much for ACT! to complete in a normal timeframe.

I t has been fixed in the inline 9.01. There is no fix for ACT! 7-8 products other to upgrade to 9.01.

Written by Jeremy Wesley @ RTG