Outlook Integration for Web with Terminal Services

Step 1. Download the APFW outlook integration on an administrators account
Step 2. Install the Application and configure the application
Step 3. Log into another user account on the TS
Step 4. Upon opening another user profile the user will be greeted with an error message from the integration.
Step 5. Import the attached registry key.
Step 6. Add the Act! address book in Outlook
Step 7. The address book will be incomplete the url and the database will be filled out (You could fill those out in the registry key prior to importing.)
Step 8. Add the correct username and password for the database and press ok
 To test that the user doesn’t have the application crash error restart the user session. The user preferences are kept in the correct location. The only downside that I see is that the admin user that installed the application has to logged in.
Based on my observation adding the attached registry key will do the following.
 - Stop the crashed outlook integration crash message upon logging into the user account.
 - Gives a user the ability to use the integration w/o installing the software
 - Runs the act.integration.exe as the logged in user
 - The APFW.Outlook.Service.exe runs as the installed user which works well for a TS but the short fall is that the user has to be logged in
 - The logged in users preferences are stored in the appropriate location in the users appdata/roaming folder
 - The sync works