ShuttleFile Intergration with MaxV2

ShuttleFile and MaxV2 ( once brothers separated at birth, really) are now integrated together.

To start you have to have an active account.
STEP 1: Linking your accounts

1. Go to your MaxV2 Prefrenses, and click the Tab.
2. Click the button
3. Provide your ShuttleFile Account information

Once the accounts are linked, you will see a message on the

Getting around
Once your Accounts are linked you can Send File Request, Manage Files, and select existing ShuttleFile Files when adding a new ACT! database to MaxV2.

Here is a screen shot that shows the added ShuttleFile Menus in MaxV2

1. Manage files ( delete, download, sort)

2. Send A File Request

3. Select an Existing ShuttleFile File when adding a new ACT! database to MaxV2.

Then select the file from your ShuttleFile account.